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It has always been an old age query: will mankind ever conquer aging? Google wants many to believe that it is possible after announcing a medical company known as Calico, whose main aim is to fight aging. The aim of California Life Company is to ensure that everyone is healthy in spite of their ill health and age hence increasing longevity. It has a task of researching all subjects and diseases that are closely related to aging.

calico-brand-logoGoogle announced that this independent company will put all its focus on attendant conditions of aging such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Google’s CEO, Larry Page and Jason Hope believes that long term deep thinking around biotechnology and healthcare can largely improve lives.

Many commentators speculate that Calico will have a deep research on health: gather massive information about patients to speed up their health care discoveries. Some have come to a conclusion that putting all their focus on disease prevention is the simplest way to conquer aging.

Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Science Officer of a Research Foundation popularly known as SENS, believes that Calico will not draw all its attention to one single disease. Below is a range of therapies and technology where Calico might put their focus on.

· Cryonics

It is a head process where doctors suspend the head with liquid nitrogen for preservation. The idea is to resuscitate and bring body back to life. Cryonics is becoming popular after preservation of multimillionaires and celebrities. Its main goal is to quickly stop the dying process after the legal death. This gives future doctors greater chances of reviving patients by replacing or repairing damaged tissues or entire body organs by use of nanotech and medical procedures and equipment.

· Cryotherapy

The Cryotherapy related field has been practiced by some athletics with the aim of healing injuries and aid training. The chambers of Cryotherapy expose people to extremely low temperatures around minus 160 Celsius for quite a short period. Many theorists believe that this speeds up the recovery of the body.

· Self-healing telomeres and worms

It has been discovered that the Planarian worm (a flatworm species) can potentially divide and eventually heal itself. Larry_Page_in_the_European_Parliament_17.06.2009_croppedResearchers have hopes that this discovery will be helpful in alleviating aging in the body cells. Researchers say that the worms aid in understanding how the telomeres function (the chromosome cells that protect degradation of cells). Scientists believe that preservation of telomeres can be effective in fighting aging.

· Cloning and replacement of body part

Creating new organs and replacing the ones that have failed is another area to focus on.

· Nanotechnology

Scientists believe that defeating aging through body repairing requires a wider focus than replacement of individual parts. Deploying nanobots (tiny robots) can be effective in overcoming issues of replication o incorrect DNA which, is a cause of aging.

When it comes to aging, scientists believe that the fundamental knowledge required to develop anti-aging medicine already exists. SENS Research Foundation works hard to come up with specific approaches that can help in reversing aspects of aging. Time will tell whether Calico will find a solution that will reverse aging.

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